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Monday, September 16, 2019
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Medical Loan Ministry

Almost 20 years ago, Jean Schoff Wirz, Physical Therapist and NPPC member, began the Medical Loan Program. Since then, NPPC has been donated a variety of medical equipment which has then been lent or donated to our members and their families and to others in need. Some items have been shipped overseas, given to local hospice and home health organizations, as well as people connected to NPPC.  Valuable equipment has been donated and put back into use, often saving Medicare costs.

If you, your family, or people you know, have medical equipment that is no longer in use, please consider donating to the Medical Warehouse.  If you have borrowed equipment from the Medical Warehouse and it is no longer in use, please make an effort to return it.  If you paid for the item and were not reimbursed by Medicare or insurance, your gift can be tax deductible. 
In 2005, the NPPC Medical Loan Program made the following items available: Wheelchairs, 4 Wheeled Walkers with Seat, Folding Walkers, including those with 2 wheels, Walking canes (including those with 4 prongs), Crutches, Tub stools and tub chairs, Overbed tables (hospital type), Folding Table, Slide board for Tub Stools, Electric lift chairs, Tub Grip safety bars, Electric Bed (foldable)*, Ramp  for wheelchair access, Stand light, Cushions (some speciality), Reacher / Grabber Pickup, Leg/ Ankle brace, and Telephones (large key, high volume).
* NPPC does not accept nor lend standard hospital beds; there is neither storage or facility for moving them.
 Let's all join in giving thanks to God for this ministry opportunity. We look forward to receiving your surplus items to carry on this wonderful ministry to our community and church.
Clarence Durham and Ed Best