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Bartlett Adult Day Out Program

The Bartlett Adult Day Out Program is a service provided by the Deacon Caregiving/Health Ministry Team and is partially funded by the Bartlett Family Estate.  The Reverend William T. Bartlett, a former minister of this church, requested these funds be used to address health care for New Providence and the community.
The program operates each Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm.  We provide services to adults who need positive stimulation in a group environment and/or whose physical or mental health has declined.  While participants enjoy program activities, primary caregivers are provided up to eight hours of free time weekly.
        This program includes:
            *  Social activities
            * Range of motion/chair exercise
            * Games and outings
            * Crafts and movies
            * Music appreciation and storytelling, book reading
            * Devotionals and singing
            * Lunch time and refreshments
Bartlett Adult Day Out Program welcomes church members and nonmembers.  Daily fees are $15 and participants should bring a sack lunch.  Drinks will be provided.  Space is limited to 9 enrolled participants.  For information contact the church office (865-983-0182).  We follow the Maryville City School snow schedule in the event of inclement weather.
Researchers across the nation working with older adults have found that activities which include physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual stimulation help keep a person active and add enjoyment to life.  These activities have also been proven to reverse the unhealthy affects of aging, making the quality of life more fulfilling for a longer period of time.  This had been identified as a goal of the ministry of New Providence Presbyterian Church for older adults.
The Bartlett Adult Day Out Program welcomes members of the community in sharing their talents and skills with the participants of the program.  This could be an exhibit of a craft or collection, reading a story, leading a sing along, pet therapy, etc.
The program is led by our Parish Nurse, Trish Badgett, R.N.  Trish has many years of experience in services to aging adults.  Trish is assisted by a  caring group of church volunteers who assist with the varied aspects of the program.
If you would like more information about the program or on how to volunteer, please contact Trish Badgett at (865) 093-0182 or email