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Giving Calculator


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Enter your household income information below and click "Calculate":

Our Household Income is: $ per

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Your Results:  You are currently giving % of your annual household income. 

A biblical tithe is 10%.  At first, for those not used to the idea of tithing, this amount may seem staggering.  The best way to begin is to adopt a lower percentage and then increase it over time. 

Once we establish a certain percentage (for example 3-5%) as our starting point, we can then increase it by one or two percent a year until we reach the tithe.  For example, based on the household income you entered above, if you contribute:

  • 1%:   Your weekly offertory will be $     ($ per year).
  • 3%:   Your weekly offertory will be $     ($ per year).
  • 5%:   Your weekly offertory will be $     ($ per year).
  • 10%: Your weekly offertory will be $     ($ per year).
From the beginning, however, we must adopt the idea that we give a percentage of our treasure; we cannot base it on impulse, giving "a little something" from what we "have left over." Instead, our offering should represent "the first fruits of our produce" offered out of gratitude and joy for what we have received because we feel the need to "honor the Lord with our substance," because we want to show our gratitude to God for the blessings of life we have received, and because we are called to take part in Christ's redeeming work in this world.

How Much Do You Intend to Give?:
Enter the percent that you intend to contribute and then click the "Calculate" button (top of this page) to see the results!
                                       I intend contribute % of my household income.

Your Results: Your weekly offertory will be $ for a total of $ per year.



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