New Providence Presbyterian Church - Maryville, TN
Monday, September 16, 2019
New Providence
Presbyterian Church
703 West Broadway Avenue
Maryville, TN 37801
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The Office of Elder

Presbuteros: “a person in the faith with wise and sound judgment in the things of the Lord.”
Presbyterian: “rule by elders”
Numbers 11:16-17 and Acts 14:19-23
In his book The Church: A Believing Fellowship, John Leith says this about representative government:
"Presbyterians have believed that government by elected representatives is the best way to have God’s will done in a congregation. If the congregation as a whole tried to govern the church, then important decisions would be made by many people who were not prepared to make these decisions. No single individual is either good enough or wise enough to make decisions for other people. Elected representatives, we believe, will serve better than either the congregation as a whole or any one individual. Electing representatives, we believe, tends to guarantee that the government of the church will be in the hands of persons who have much knowledge and experience in the life of the church. It is intended that the elders be good persons who have a thorough knowledge and appreciation of the Bible, of theology, and of the mission of the church in the world."
Book of Order, section G-2.03 - 2.04